Nick Whitmer

I make Uilleann Pipes and play music.
I also do historical research on uilleann pipers and piping.

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Half set in C
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Nick's Piping Archive

Touhey Archive
About Pat "Patsy" Touhey (1865-1923), the most successful of the vaudeville pipers.

O'Donnell Archive
The activites of Ed and Con O'Donnell of Brooklyn, vaudeville "pipers and fiddlers," circa 1903-1920.

Pipes in 19th Century Fiction
A compilation of references to Irish music, pipers and piping in 19th century novels.

Hibernicons: Irish-themed Panorama Shows and Harrigan's Hibernian Company
A little-remembered form of travelling show circa 1865-1900, often including pipers.

The Coffeepot
At least one vaudeville-era piper played this "clown instrument," a pennywhistle tucked inside what looked like an old-fashioned coffeepot.

O'Donnell Brothers
Ed and Cornelius O'Donnell

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