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Make an E Whistle

An E whistle comes in handy when those pesky fiddlers play a tune in the key of A. A tune that is in G on a D whistle would sound in the key of A on an E whistle. This E whistle has a pleasant sound in its own right. I made one for myself almost 20 years ago, when there were fewer whistle-buying options. Some players whose opinion I respect have said good things about this whistle. Here is the recipe:

Obtain a Generation whistle in the key of F and remove the fipple.

Buy a length of brass tubing, 15/32" outer diameter, .014" wall thickness. Good hobby shops or hardware stores often have this. It is sold in one foot lengths.

Buy a 7/16" diameter hardwood dowel to put in the tubing when you drill the holes. The fit needs to be snug, and I put a length of 1/2" wide masking tape - opposite where I drill the holes - on the dowel to make it so.

Drill the holes in the places and sizes as shown below. Remove the dowel and clean up the edges of the holes with file, sandpaper, steel wool, etc. Cut tube to length, 9 3/32".

The fipple may be just a little loose. I firm it up with a couple turns of 1/2" wide teflon tape (plumber's tape) on the tubing.

	from non-	hole
note	fipple end	diameter

F#	1 3/8"		1/4"
G#	2 5/16		1/4
A	2 63/64		5/32
B	3 47/64		7/32
C#	4 17/32		1/4
D#	5 9/32		5/32

NOTE: I can make one for you if you like. For details see the price list.

Feb 2007 (revision of Jan 1988 plans)

Please contact me for further information.

Nick Whitmer
1 Renwick Place
Ithaca NY 14850

607 275 8178


E whistle, front; D whistle, rear