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Wind and Wire

Wind and Wire

Jonathan Chai and I play music together as "Wind and Wire." We are open to gigs in the Ithaca and Syracuse, New York region.

We play mostly Irish traditional music, largely "jigs and reels," as the saying goes. This music can be lively and driving, or calming and reflective, depending on the particular tunes involved, the mood of the players, the audience, etc.

Jonathan plays fiddle and concertina.
I play uilleann pipes (the Irish kind of bagpipe) and whistle.

The pipes are themselves about as loud as a fiddle. This is indoor music, not at overwhelming volume. I can provide a medium-sized PA system if needed.

We have good relationships with other Irish musicians and can augment our sound with other musicians, perhaps a vocalist, if appropriate.

Here are some sound samples:

Pipes and fiddle, a reel: Launching the Boat
Pipes and fiddle, a jig: The Rambling Pitchfork
Pipes and concertina, a march: The Eagle's Whistle
Fiddle and whistle, a reel: The Torn Jacket
Pipes and fiddle, jig and slip jig: Kitty Lie over - Gortnamona

Please contact me for further information.

Nick Whitmer
1 Renwick Place
Ithaca NY 14850

607 275 8178


windy wire