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Uilleann Pipes Information

In Brief

I take orders for practice sets, half sets, sets, full sets and separate components in the keys of D and C. Requests for special features will be accomodated if possible. I will do key work and repair work on pipes by other makers if the project is suited to my abilities.

Beginners should start out with a practice set. A practice set includes bellows, bag, chanter (usually in the key of D), two chanter reeds, a popping strap and an instruction manual. The chanter comes without keys but has pin blocks so that keys may be added later. Most of the time chanters and stocks are made of African Blackwood. Bellows sides are of cherry wood. Inquire as to the availability of other woods. Metal parts are of solid brass.

A practice set with drones added is called a half set. Depending on availability, drones are made from the same kind of wood as the chanter you have. The drone mainstock is cherry. For drones in the key of D, choose between two styles of bass drone, long or short. The long style is the typical length. The short style is acoustically the same but is 6 inches shorter - does not stick out as far. Long/short option is not available for drones piched flatter than D.

A half set with tenor and baritone regulators added is called a set.

A half set with three regulators, tenor, baritone and bass, is called a full set.

Uilleann pipes Description In Detail


Please contact me for further information.

Nick Whitmer
1 Renwick Place
Ithaca NY 14850

607 275 8178


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