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This set has been sold.

An old Taylor-style full set. Concert pitch. Rather loud and strong and heavy, just right for those vaudeville gigs. Set up and playing well.

Maker unknown. My best guess, built around 1900. Ebony, nickel silver, ivory, boxwood. Original Bass, baritone and tenor regulators, bass and baritone drones. I made the mainstock, tenor drone and other minor parts.

I made the five-keyed chanter and the reedcap. It is a copy based on the original, worn-out chanter which comes with the set. The bore and sound holes are made to my design. I incorporated the ivory mounts and popping valve from the original chanter.

Came with an old wooden case, documentation (mainly what I did to repair & restore) and the old parts, including chanter, bellows, bag, etc.

Audio: chanter
Audio: drones & regs
Audio: playing a tune

Nov 2011
Taylor-style full set drone & reg ends drone & reg ends drone & reg ends reg keys dorsal view new chanter new chanter new & old chanters new & old chanters reedcap popping valve