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About Me



My Music

Well, the music that's played on these instruments is really what it's all about, is it not?

Wind and Wire

Jonathan Chai and I play music together as "Wind and Wire." We are open to gigs in the Ithaca and Syracuse, New York region. For more information, sound samples, a photo, click here.

My Tunes

Over the years I have written a few tunes. On the "My Tunes" page are sound files of most of them, working copies. If any appeal to you please go ahead and play them. Click here.


In 2006 I recorded some tracks and put them together on a CD. Most certainly homemade. If you would like to buy a copy, great.

I have given copies of the CD to several people. Some one or two have said “this is great!”; some have said the usual formulae - how nice, thank you, etc. - but most have said nothing at all. Be warned.

Here is the track list.

Tunes Played by Nick Whitmer

1 Tear the Calico/Somebody’s Daughter
2 Hurricane Fran (Whitmer)/Fathers of Perspective (Whitmer)
3 The Star Above the Garter/Stack of Dimes (Whitmer)
4 Cloudy Bright (Whitmer)/Gilbert Clancy’s
5 Richard & Tara’s Waltz (Bill Wellington)
6 Marian Emerson’s March (Whitmer)/Maggots in the Sheep’s Hide
7 The Lane to the Glen (Ed Reavy)/February Tune (Whitmer)
8 The White Petticoat/The Flower of Renwick (Whitmer)
9 Don Tremaine’s Reel/Mike & Jack (Whitmer)/The Earl’s Chair
10 Sitting in the Stern of a Boat

Tunes traditional unless noted.
Instruments: whistles, uilleann pipes, mandolin, guitar, saxophones
Recorded September & October 2006

Please contact me for further information.

Nick Whitmer
1 Renwick Place
Ithaca NY 14850

607 275 8178